The most effective tool in skin care? Information

April 5, 2018

Dear visitor, 

Thank you for clicking your way through to this page! If you are one of Kition's regular customers and have been coming to the salon for years, we are incredibly happy and grateful for your support. You are amazing! You deserve the best quality of service and products. 


If you are just discovering Zenon Kition London now - welcome! We are so excited you are here! We can't wait to get to know you and socialise with you.


On our website you will find lots of useful information about our products and interesting tips on how to use them. Informing you is our priority as probably some of you will be new to natural skincare and how to use it best. We have made sure that our product pages are pretty informative already, but keep checking back to the blog for future posts in order to widen your knowledge and confidence in your new skincare routine. Here, you will also be able to learn about all of the ingredients we formulate with. For your comfort of knowing that what you buy is what you get. If not more. Because we believe in transparency, when it comes to food, cosmetics and ... actually everything. Because knowledge is empowering. Because we truly and really are what we eat and put on our skin - the biggest organ in the human body, which absorbs everything we feed it.


Today's cosmetics world is ever changing and evolving. Long gone are the days of powerful, big brands selling to the misinformed customers products full of cheap bulking agents, which often are totally useless, and unfortunately, harmful to health. Gone are the days when we used to be manipulated and made to believe that if a product is expensive and in a shiny packaging, it would do wonders for our skin. The consumers nowadays are well informed, wise, clever and can't be led into thinking that if a product smells of perfume and contains a long list of ingredients, which they can't pronounce, it will be good for them.


Some may argue that our society has become so clever and forward thinking in the everyday lifestyle choices we make, that we have become extremely advanced. We argue that we are fortunate to have access to the information we need in order to make healthy lifestyle choices. Information allows us to decide on what is truly beneficial and healthy for us. It teaches us that by being closer to nature and earth, we can heal better - physically, mentally and spiritually. It allows us to go back to clever basics. Never before has the demand for organic produce of food, drinks and skincare been greater. Never before has the desire of people to grow their own vegetables, for example, or cook their own meals at home from scratch, has been bigger. Knowledge opens doors. Doors to greater choice. A healthy lifestyle choice. Modern. Basic. Advanced. Clever. Informed. Beneficial. Rewarding. Organic. Happy. Healthy. Intelligent. Rich. Active. All words that describe our own lifestyle here at Zenon Kition London, our products, our approach towards the customers, and indeed our customers themselves. You. Thank you!


Tas & Dori xx



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