Zenon Kition London is the product of a union between a cosmetologist and his wife - a herbalist. Tas and Dori share a mutual love for natural, clean, safe, environmentally friendly products.

Tas’ career as a hairstylist is over 22 years long. He has trained and climbed his way up to an art director in some of the best salons in London. He has also travelled around the world, while working on cruise ships with international clientele, before he went on and opened up his own hair and beauty salon Kition in Winchmore Hill, North London. He has been successfully running it for over 8 years now. His extensive knowledge in hair and skin care products and his perfect understanding of the derma and scalp structure have led him into wanting to create his own line of products. Products, which care for people’s needs in a gentle, non-harmful and most of all, beneficial way.

Dori’s knowledge and experience in working with medicinal herbs and plants, on the other hand, has proven highly effective in treating her own and other people’s dry skin conditions. The remarkable results from incorporating essential oils into a plain, organic skin and hair care routine have led her into wanting to help even more people by introducing them to the power and simplicity of natural, artisan products. After having completed extensive courses in natural, organic skin and hair care formulating, she and her husband have teamed up and created highly performing, original and inspiring skin and hair care products to be proud of.

All Zenon Kition London products are laboratory tested and formulated with active ingredients,

to comply with European laws and regulations.

Why are the products named after Zenon of Kition:

Zenon was an ancient Greek thinker, born in Kition (present-day Larnaca, Cyprus). He was the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy in Athens, Greece. His moral ideas laid great emphasis on goodness and peace of mind, gained from living a life in accordance with Nature. We believe in the same philosophy and try to incorporate it in every aspect of our lives.

We hope our products will benefit your skin, soul and senses and bring you closer to Nature,

the same way they have done with us!

    Live according to nature,

Tas & Dori



Address: 2 Chaseville Parade,

Chaseville Park Road, London,

N21 1PG

Phone: 020 8360 7432

Email:  info@zklondon.com


Mon - Sat: 9am - 6pm
​Sunday: closed

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